Making Do

I imagine everyone has some experience making do with what you have. I cannot be the only one who has used a butter knife as a screw driver. But I have to say. Living on a budget with a forty-five minute drive to any store is a wonderful stimulation for creativity. Especially if it is snowing.

For example, I was setting up my brother’s game consul and I couldn’t find the base for the monitor. Dug around the room of unpacked boxes (Moving always seems to yield a zone of items yet to be unloaded.) and eventually found the base, after being terrified by the cat that was hiding from me as he doesn’t like strangers.

So I unpacked the monitor and get ready to screw in the base only to realize that doing so required screws. 4 of them, to be precise. So I looked through my dad’s screw collection and didn’t find anything. Then I asked my dad to have a look when he could. Next time I came in, my dad suggested I try the screws from an outlet cover since I needed a mechanics screw about that size. Apparently mechanic’s screws are the ones that aren’t sharp and have the ridges really close together. It also seems as though our monitor makers have a close affinity with power sockets as the outlet cover screws worked perfectly. Who knew? Well…Dad did.

Now some things I am good at jerry rigging. Storage for example. Living in D.C. you tend to move between apartments every year or so as rents get adjusted so each home has it’s own storage solution. However since you’re moving again next year you don’t want to spend much (if anything) to get it done. In that regard, boxes are my friend. I have built so many dressers, desk shelves, book cases, and crafting areas with the help of the local liquor store. This time it was with leftover boxes from the move and I expect it will serve me well for a while. Especially if I coat it in papier-mache during the summer. We shall see, that is one of those projects that will only happen if the extra support is needed.



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