Herding Cats

One of our cats, Teddy, is sick right now. So he is locked away in the back bathroom with his litter box, food, and bedding so that he can get well again without interference from the dog. However, the other cat, Leo, is getting a bit lonely for his brother. Now Leo is a bit of a scaredy-cat. He has a tendency to walk up to you and start meowing for attention, but stand just outside your reach because he is afraid to be touched. This morning he wandered around and around the living room. Howling his displeasure at the top of his very considerable lungs.

At this stage, I hadn’t had my coffee yet so I wasn’t particularly delighted. But I can sympathize. If you’re used to having someone around it is not pleasant when they are away. So I decided that Leo would be happier if he got to visit Teddy. A logical conclusion which I still hold.

Leo, however, is scared of me and everyone else. He also cannot be safely picked up, unless you want him to pee his pants. I started walking around the house, shutting doors to different rooms, with Leo fleeing in terror before me until he ended up in the bedroom with Teddy’s bathroom next to it. So far, so good. Now Leo is hiding under the bed and all I have to do is get the bathroom door open, hold Teddy in the bathroom, and convince Leo to go past me into said bathroom. At this stage I realized that there is no earthly inducement to convince Leo to leave his sanctuary under the bed. I also remembered that my coffee was getting cold.

Sometimes it is better to admit defeat and move on with your day.

Leo: 1  Grace: 0


Photographing Cats

Leo: 2 Grace 0

However Teddy was willing to stand still for a moment if I provided him with my leg as a scratch post. It’s one way to wake up without coffee.


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