Melt Off

It got quite warm today so I decided to check the runoff levels and start looking for trees to tap for syrup. I was a bit surprised to find our barn cat, Puddy, (Think Sylvester and Tweety), on the porch. She seems to be bit disgruntled by the sheer level of mud and declined to join me on my walk once she saw that I was walking in the snow.


So I contented myself with my dog, Sky, and tried to figure out which trees were which. I think I found a Sugar Maple and I might have found a Black Walnut. I certainly found a bunch of thorns, mud, and water. Before tapping I want to do a bit more research and verify with the neighbor what the trees are. It would be a shame to collect and boil sap from something we can’t actually use.

On the way up to the trees I checked on a pond that is a bit above the house to make sure it wasn’t about to wash out. There is a ton of run off:

runoff.JPGBut that is all to the good as it means the walls aren’t under too much stress. Sky, unlike Puddy, seems to enjoy the water and it was all I could do to convince her not to go swimming. Hypothermic dog is not how I want to spend my afternoon.



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