In Search of a Tree

The biggest hiccup so far in the tapping venture has been finding appropriate trees. After the tree tapping course I know what red maple and sugar maple look like. But we want to tap Black Walnut trees.

Why Black Walnut? A number of reasons. First because Walnut, Chestnut, and Pine are mostly what we have on the farm. We can tap Walnut or Chestnut. 

The second reason is that Black Walnut syrup and sugar is very marketable as it has higher mineral content than Maple syrup. It already has an established demand so it will be easier to market.

Thirdly, on our property the Black Walnut have a higher ratio of trees that have a sufficient diameter to tap.

Finally my sister-in-law recognizes Black Walnut. So on Saturday we took a short hike around the treeline to mark trees suitable for tapping and figure out which ones are nearby. 

To mark them I just used some old red yarn. Later we want to tag them with paint. However we want to look up the local paint tag systems first so we don’t accidentally mark one with a ‘dead tree’ tag or something like that.

We found these two after a while. These are just off the access road on a south facing hill that we will probably be developing fairly early in the farm. Not too far from the house, considering that all the trees are set back a ways. These two trees will support 3 taps between them if we use conventional guidlines. 







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