Planning for Chickens

We are in the early stages of hashing out what to do by way of chickens. As a bonus to our budget Bobby is going to give us chicks once we have a place for them.

After some discussion we think we know where we want to put it. We’ve also figured that we need to house roughly 100-150 birds to feed 3 households due come next winter. This was much larger scale than I at least was anticipating and led to a great deal of research.

The rule of thumb for free range chickens is 2-4 sq ft per head in the coop. Given that we are just starting out and we won’t be getting that many chicks right off the bat I figure we will start at about 10 x 10 and expand from there as needed. Our coop is nighttime only so we think we’ll be ok with 2 sq ft per head. We’ll find out. Another aspect is that we pan on building roosts and nesting boxes that don’t count on base sq footage.

So far though the most useful find has been North Dakota State University’s Building Plans. They appear to have designs for everything. I even found a rabbit barn.


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