Thoughts From a 50 Mile Commute

So far the 50 mile commute to and from work hasn’t been that much of a drag.  It is about an hour commute but since I am an introvert it is nice to have the time to myself. It also is a great time for random ideas or thinking through existing problems.

This weeks random thoughts, or at least the ones I remember.

Can we pick up the rocks along the highway where they do the cut throughs? We need rocks of difference sizes for various projects and it isn’t as if the state is using them. Besides it isn’t affecting the environment as the mountain cut through wasn’t ‘natural’ either. Who would you even ask that question?

Is retrofitting a shed more trouble than building one? Probably depends on the materials of the shed and how sturdy the walls are. You can’t mount shelves to make nesting boxes on particle board.

What do you even call those parking spots set at a 45 degree angle?

Are the birds in this state stupider than the ones in D.C.? I have almost run over a dozen this month.

What is the fascination with driving in the middle of the road? Even when driving 25 mph. What is really interesting is when trucks do it on the highway.

I wonder if I could get the food waste from work for the chickens/compost/goats? Maybe if I offered to buy 2 green trash drums. I’ll ask after we have chickens to worry about.


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