Dryer: Part 2

The guys at Ace either hate us, because we never know what we need. Or they love us, because we provide enormous scope for ridicule.

Off we went to get the pipe fittings neccessary for connecting the dryer to the gas line. Supremely confident in the knowledge that the fittings were the standard size. 

Turns out there are 3 standard sizes. Also none of us checked whether the pipe head was male or female (An inny or outy if you want my laymans vocabulary).

Since it is about 40 minutes to the store when the helpful and knowledgeable staff started asking questions, to which we responded with splutterings or stunned silences, we called home.

This led to the revelation that measured thread diameters are different from marketed diameters and the comfort that the head was indeed male. 

The call home meant that we were able to get everything we needed to complete the task given 3 separate scenarios.

It also left me very, very, happy that we are working with piping on the off side of a shut off valve. 


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