Dryer: Part 3

So an hour, a call to the neighbor, some swearing, and a number of ‘I thought I had that tool’s later.  

Turns out jobs like this are pretty easy with the right tools. Like two wrenches. Also I still have no idea where ours went to.

But thanks to Bobby’s dad, we have successfully run our new (old) dryer off the gas line for the water heater. I also did laundry and ended up with a mostly cat hair free load and an inch of fuzz in the filter. 

There is one tiny snag.

We didn’t get enough vent piping. So the dryer is in the middle of the floor until I get more at Lowe’s after work. There is one other thing, as well.

Call it a temporary solution. We plan on venting through the cieling or floor later. But we don’t have the time/equipment/agreed upon goal today. So for now we’ll be sticking this in the windows during loads. It works, right?


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