Thunder in the Mountains

I’ve heard that expression, and variations thereof, all my life. Last night I got to experience it. We are nestled in at the foot of 4 or five demi-mountains. Over dinner I was out on the porch boiling down my syrup, more on that in another post. When I gradually became aware of a low rumbling noise which I took to be the train on the other side of the range.

The breezes kicked up enough that I had to turn off my pot, as the flame was dancing around so much it couldn’t heat the pan. So I went inside and went upstairs to work on my rag rug over some Loony Toons. It is amazing how violent and politically incorrect those are by modern standards. Still hilarious, but I bet you would get fired if you watched them in public school.

Anyway, there I was contentedly braiding away and trying out a new pattern to make a rectangular rug, when the storm hit. The wind literally rattled the windows in my room. So naturally I opened the curtains so I could watch better. It was quite pretty and I was able to confirm that our house is on the dry side of the mountains this time of year as most of the lightning struck the other side of the range as the clouds rose over the mountains. Best of all the electricity did not go out. I am a city girl at heart. I love my electricity.

So ‘Like Thunder in the Mountains,’ means a deep reverberating sound that can be heard and felt hours before it breaks with turbulent power and dazzling force over the scene.


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