Resource Overhaul!!

The Open Permaculture School has completely redone their course. I didn’t mention it at first as it generally takes me a few days  to recover from my disgust over sudden and unexpected change. Yes, this is the same person who decided to drop everything to move to the farm on a few weeks notice. But that was unusual expedition and the moving process took a couple months after the decision was made.

Anyway, the changes made to The Open Permaculture School have made it much more useful in my opinion. I actually all taking notes now and have to pause the videos frequently to extract all the information. No longer is it the rambling teacher. Now they are short clips making concise and well thought out points on a single topic. Sometimes they seem a bit simplistic as they are rendered as brief as possible and the animation style does not help to disperse this sense. However, the impression is misleading. There is a great deal of information in each video.

The videos also seem to intentionally step back from specific application into the realm of general practices. Given that the audience is the internet, I approve. Each student has to learn well enough to adapt the principles to their environment. However that is a much more logical approach than trying to touch on every microclimate in the world.


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