Something In The Wind

I was just starting to think about how we are going to mow near the house today when the weather decided to head back for snow. Drove through an inch or so on the way to work and got to watch the out of state drivers deal with the gusts in the mountain valleys. Fortunately no one wrecked this morning.

This week we are expecting a lumber shipment that will allow us to start manufacturing our chicken coop and a movable run. Which should be the project 2 weeks from now when we have a few visitors to help out. I’m one of those people who will take you seriously if you ask “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Other than that there is a cold/flu in the house which is stifling productivity nicely.

David and Amanda were down to visit, hence why we got plans for the coop far enough to buy materials. They also had an exciting and expensive ride home when one of the brake systems burned out. David has now crossed “Use a Fire Extinguisher” off the bucket list. David and Amanda are fine and they managed to get the truck fixed same day by the dealer. Apparently they own the first model to incorporate a new brake pad and the DYI’er who previously owned it used the old style. Note to self, sometimes it is better to get an expert involved.


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