County Roads?

Last night was the first major hiccup on my commute. Typically it takes me about an hour to get to or from work. Last night it took three. I hit my emergency lights as soon as I saw that wall of lights ahead, about the same time I hit my breaks. Which was good because around here an acceptable following distance seems to be about two yards and I did not end meeting the guy in the white truck behind me. (Why do all my close encounters happen with white trucks?)

The point of interest was about 2 miles up the road, literally, so I had an excellent view of the myriad of flashing lights. Since most of the lights were yellow, indicating tow trucks, I figured it would be a while and called home. Given that I spent the next two hours reading on my phone, probably a good choice as I try not to worry the folks too much.

This morning has shed some light on the situation. Apparently it was a trailer of non-dairy creamer. Now as a fan of Mythbusters and a bit of a pyromaniac, I love non-dairy creamer. However, I can understand why they were still cleaning it up this morning.

While I was stuck in traffic I debated using a nearby median cut through to turn around and try to find another route. I even found a route on county roads that would get me home. I decided against it in the end as some of the county roads around here aren’t paved and it was already twilight. I don’t mind exploring but I don’t like doing it without cell phone reception, which is lightly once off the interstate, nor after dark. Will have to check it out at a better time.


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