Farm Activity

Seems to come in two levels; not much or way too much. This is a way too much week. As I mentioned earlier, the garden is ready for dirt and we have a huge pile of it from previous project to use. The problem is that the dirt it about 300 ft away and it is very rocky. Now I don’t mind small rocks in the garden. In fact I like them as they will decay and add minerals. But rocks above about and inch and a half just get in the way of digging.

So the dirt gets sifted before moving.  Dad was the one that suggested the wire shelves and sawhorses for our DIY sifter. It is just a little muddy so the dirt often has to be pressed through the mesh. I’m saving the bigger rock as you never know when you need a bit of gravel. Given that each barrow covers about 3ft, I have about 45 of the 51 left to do this week.


On the plus side progress is highly visible. Not like dishes or laundry where you never seem to make any headway. Really hoping to get the beds all covered this week so we can start planting next week. Our neighbor kept saying mid May as the right time to start to avoid the worst of the frosts. So I want to try to keep to that deadline.



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