A Bit Less Chick

They are looking more and more like adult chickens. They kinda remind me of teenagers. They are getting their adult feathers but they haven’t really filled in yet. The fun part is that their personalities are definitely showing more. Especially at meal time.

Front and left is the boldest of the chickens. This one will eat right out of my hand and fly out of the pen if I leave the lid open while restocking their water.

In the back, as usual, is the most timid one. She doesn’t like new things and takes her time examining them before deciding whether or not she approves. This is from the first time we gave them greens and as you can see she is hiding in the corner.

As to the greens, they love weeds! I cut a double handful of random plants from the yard and they had pecked them apart in twenty minutes. Since we want to grain feed as little as possible this is wonderful. We give them 3 or 4 servings of greens a day and they climb all over each other to get them. Which is a nice interlude of farmers slapstick.


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