Minor Rainstorm

And then a major one left us rather damp.

We did not get flooded, because the guy who built our house did not construct a basemen probably knew that we get rains like this.


That is the hay field which got cut last week.


And our pond did not blow out. But it did overflow in the lower areas.


This is the driveway, drainage creek, road, and another stream in the hayfield.

Fortunately we had taken the chickens in fairly early as they were looking quite draggled. They were so miserable when they were wet that I turned their heat lamp back on so that they could dry out their feathers faster. So they were extremely fluffy by the time we got to this stage.


What a Week!

As a side note, we have way too many books. (But there is no way we are getting rid of them since the local library is severely lacking. Besides what else do you do with limited internet?) 

Got a lot done this week. Mostly housecleaning, gardening, and alphabetizing books. Managed to give myself a blistering sunburn after a day and a half in the garden mulching, trimming weeds, and planting. But it is healing nicely and I found a cotton button up to wear for garden work from now on.

I also managed to finagle a hideous ribbon off the only straw sunhat we own so now I will actually wear it. 

But the biggest accomplishment on the farm this week was jerry rigging a hose attachment for the kitchen sink so we do not have to manually water the garden anymore. Cue the dramatic fanfare. Really happy about that as it makes a hour and a half hard job a twenty minute easy job.

Garden Update

The layering system of fertilizer, cardboard, dirt, then mulch was supposed to give nutrient to the garden plants, retain moisture, and keep out weeds. So far, it has failed miserably. The only garden plant growing are the peas and we have an abundance of weeds.

Even weeds have their uses though. By studying the root structure of the weeds we’ve learned that our soil is hard. However they are not food. As far as we know.

So this week I will be trying to salvage the situation. Step one: get the peas into cages. Step two: weed whack. Step three: cover everything (except the peas) with a thick layer of mulch. Step four: dig out more topsoil from the mound in back. Step five: plant seeds in a cup of soil per seed on top of the mulch. Step six: pray.

We’ll see what happens. The neighbor seems to think that it will work and he does like that the mulch is keeping in water. Since we don’t have a hose and haul water from the bathroom, this is probably the best thing about the mulch. Besides even if it fails it will only make the soil richer for next year.

Mom and I got the peas framed last night and they seem to be doing quite well despite their neighbors.

Chicken Mower

After a few changes we now have our daytime chicken pen up and in use. The chickens seem quite happy to move out to the pen in the morning. They also enjoy coming back to their porch cage at night as they seem to enjoy digging in the bedding and the dirt. Right now I keep the chickens in place for 2 days so they have to eat down the taller grass which they do not like as much as the clover. So far it has worked quite well. It even kept out a local mutt. Since that dog got chased away with a broom and didn’t get any chicken I expect it won’t be back.

Currently I move the chickens with a dog carrying crate. Unfortunately that won’t work when they get bigger. Like everything else on the farm, we’ll figure it out as we go. 

Gloves Recommended

Our chickens are getting quite big now. They are also getting used to being picked up. The only problem is that their beaks and claws are hardening. So my hands have started to look like I routinely wrestle with a crazy cat.

Not a great look. So I decided to wear gloves. Finding gloves turned out to be a bit harder than I initially thought. The ones I have been using for yardwork are a nice reenforced fabric. However they are black. Chickens are, apparently, terrified of black things. I used the black gloves for 4 days, despite the squawking and running. But the chickens never got used to them. Compounding the problem, the chickens claws would sometimes get caught in the fabric leading to some deep cuts before extrication.

In the end I bought a pair of tan leather gloves. Wearing these, the chickens can pearch quite securely and they aren’t afraid of the color. So they are back to their happy selves and I don’t have to play chase the chickens.

Schedule Change

A few weeks ago I asked to reduce my schedule at work since there is a ton of work that has to happen before my niece/nephew arrives on the farm. Everything from downsizing, to organizing, to cleaning, and that doesn’t even touch the outdoor activities. This week my new schedule started and I don’t think we’ve wasted time. 

It isn’t quite done yet as Dad and I kept breaking the drill bits. But it is coming together nicely and with a stop at the hardware store we might be able to finish it this weekend.

I’d post about the indoor work. However the photos just do not show any progress. Thirty+ years of accumulated stuff just doesn’t look tidy. Ever. 

I also did a fair amount of work mulching the paths in the garden and trying to figure out if any of the vegetables were growing. So far it is more like a weed garden than a vegetable garden. It doesn’t help that I wouldn’t recognize a carrot outside a stew. Oh well, that is one use for the internet.