Schedule Change

A few weeks ago I asked to reduce my schedule at work since there is a ton of work that has to happen before my niece/nephew arrives on the farm. Everything from downsizing, to organizing, to cleaning, and that doesn’t even touch the outdoor activities. This week my new schedule started and I don’t think we’ve wasted time. 

It isn’t quite done yet as Dad and I kept breaking the drill bits. But it is coming together nicely and with a stop at the hardware store we might be able to finish it this weekend.

I’d post about the indoor work. However the photos just do not show any progress. Thirty+ years of accumulated stuff just doesn’t look tidy. Ever. 

I also did a fair amount of work mulching the paths in the garden and trying to figure out if any of the vegetables were growing. So far it is more like a weed garden than a vegetable garden. It doesn’t help that I wouldn’t recognize a carrot outside a stew. Oh well, that is one use for the internet. 


One thought on “Schedule Change

  1. Katherine

    Keep in mind that there are 2 apartments worth of stuff in addition to the houseful of stuff, and the libraries of 4 adults of eclectic tastes in literature. Some of it is junk, but mostly it depends on who is defining “junk”. The problem comes when you try to define someone’s “treasure” as “junk”.


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