Gloves Recommended

Our chickens are getting quite big now. They are also getting used to being picked up. The only problem is that their beaks and claws are hardening. So my hands have started to look like I routinely wrestle with a crazy cat.

Not a great look. So I decided to wear gloves. Finding gloves turned out to be a bit harder than I initially thought. The ones I have been using for yardwork are a nice reenforced fabric. However they are black. Chickens are, apparently, terrified of black things. I used the black gloves for 4 days, despite the squawking and running. But the chickens never got used to them. Compounding the problem, the chickens claws would sometimes get caught in the fabric leading to some deep cuts before extrication.

In the end I bought a pair of tan leather gloves. Wearing these, the chickens can pearch quite securely and they aren’t afraid of the color. So they are back to their happy selves and I don’t have to play chase the chickens.


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