Counting Chickens

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been checking on the hen to see if any of the eggs had pips in them or they have hatched. I went out around lunch time today and I’m getting ready to move the hen off the nest and I see a little yellow head pop out from underneath her.

peeking chick

Because the sides of the nest box were too high for the chicks to get in and out easily I moved the box out and picked up the hen. In the box, there were 4 yellow chicks (one still wet from hatching) and a grey one. They are so tiny. It is amazing how little they are when freshly hatched. One of the green eggs showed obvious signs of hatching but one green egg and a brown egg had no signs at all.

5 chicks

Mama hen has been doing a great job. She huddled them up underneath of her like a champ. I also added a larger amount of chick starter (which mama hen attacked) and a water container that is lower.

Mama brooder

I looked underneath of her about 2 hours after discovering the first hatchlings and I found that the green egg that was intact before was now empty and the chick was half dried. At that point. I decided to help the chick who was struggling in it’s egg. The egg membrane was really thick and it had kicked off most of the shell on one side. I tore the membrane by its head and out it plopped. I tucked the chick up underneath of mama so it would stay warm and get dry quickly. The two newest chicks were also yellow. The last brown egg was still intact. If that egg hasn’t hatched by tomorrow, I’ll candle it to see if there are any signs of life.

For now, we have 7 chicks. 6 yellow chicks, who could be any color later in life. And one little grey chick. I think that little yellow spot on its head is SO cute!

grey chick1grey chick2

Now that they have hatched, these chicks can be counted. We have 15 hens, 1 rooster. 25 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Black Cochin, 17 Delaware chicks, 17 New Hampshire chicks, and 7 barnyard mutt chicks for a total of 83 chickens. I guess I really am becoming a crazy chicken lady.


3 thoughts on “Counting Chickens

  1. Lexi Z

    Hey I have question, I found this blog by searching “gray chick with yellow spot on head” haha and I have a chick that looks identical to yours! I was wondering if you have any current photos of how the chick looks now that it’s a but older? Just curious! Thanks 😉

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