How the blog got its name

When we were doing the initial move to the farm, a couple of our helpers ended up over 2 hours away. Apparently, Apple Maps did not like the address and substituted another address with a similar road name, without notifying you. We have since found that other map programs (Google, MapQuest) do the same thing.

The Authors

Amanda C.

In my elementary school years (though we were home schooled), my family lived on two acres in north eastern Maryland surrounded by woods. My brother and I would spend hours tramping through the woods making forts, playing, and catching critters in the creek. It was a wonderful life. At different points while growing up, we had chickens, a horse, cats, rabbits, and a few lizards (anoles and an irascible iguana). For home school nature lessons we raised bull frogs and mallard ducks to release and studied different types of snakes we caught (non-poisonous) as well as other wild critters.

When I was 12, we moved to the suburbs to take care of my grandparents. Ever since, I’ve has a longing to return to the country. In September of 2015, my parents, George and Georga, bought a 130+ acre farm. My dad did not want to live in the old farm house, so he invited me, my husband David, and David’s parents, Matthew and Katherine to live in it. My in-laws moved in, followed by Grace C. (David’s sister). David and I moved in August 2016 after our son was born.

Grace C.

I grew up in Lancaster City, Lancaster, PA. So while I lived near farmers and was friends with several. I never actually did any farming activities, unless you count helping with a few gardens.

My family moved to D.C. when I was a teenager and I adapted and developed into a city girl. Someone far more familiar with the intricacies of Metro transit than the husbandry of chickens. I went to college for Graphic Design and landed a job at a technology company.

Five years later. My parents received an invitation from Amanda C’s parents to move out to the farm and I decided it would be good for me to join them.

The Blog

A short time after her arrival on the farm, it occurred to Grace C. that her experiences and perspective were so incongruous that she should write about it. As a city girl moving into the depths of country life without much planning or introduction, she expects her experience to amuse, warn, and perhaps instruct others. If nothing else, this blog will serve as an account of the training of an unlikely farmer.

In January 2017, because of a lack of time, and due to the fact that she had taken over most of the farm tasks, Amanda C. took over posting for the blog. While her experiences aren’t entirely that of a city girl, she never had experience handling farm tasks as an adult and is learning. She hopes her experiences could prove helpful to others.

Other People mentioned in the blog

George and Georga

Owners of the farm, parents to Amanda C.

Matthew and Katherine

Parents to David C and Grace C, father-in-law and mother-in-law to Amanda C.

David C.

Husband of Amanda C, Son of Matthew and Katherine

Mr. G.

Son of Amanda C. and David C.


Helpful neighbor who keeps cows on the farm and cuts they hay fields.


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